Community and Social Collaboration

Educational Exchange Agreement with Sagamihara Shiroyama Senior High School, Kanagawa

On Jun. 21st, KAIT held a signing ceremony for an educational exchange agreement with Sagamihara Shiroyama Senior High School, Kanagawa.

At the signing ceremony,  Principal Komatsu of Sagamihara Shiroyama Senior High School, Kanagawa, and Komiya Kazumi, President of the University, signed the agreement and exchanged opinions on future initiatives.

Principal Komatsu, left, and President Kazumi Komiya, right

Principal Komatsu expressed his expectations for future collaborative activities as "Our school has been designated by Kanagawa Prefecture for ICT and programming education. In order to survive in the information society of the future, we will develop information education in all educational activities. We want our students to become IT specialists. But I also tell them that making a lot of friends, through which you become fully resourceful from the interactions each other, forms the ability to utilize information. We hope that this collaboration will provide an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship. “

President Komiya also stated, "KAIT will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year. In April 2024, we will reorganize our undergraduate departments. We hope that this agreement will give us an opportunity to deepen our collaboration and develop human resources who can work the things out in   the time of great changes ahead.