Mission & Educational Approach

Kanagawa Institute of Technology started as Ikutoku College of Technology in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1963.

Purpose of Establishment

Kanagawa Institute of Technology is dedicated to gathering aspiring students and educating them to become engineers with an abundance of knowledge and open perspectives. In order for the realization of a scientifically technological nation, KAIT also endeavors to build partnerships with local entrepreneurs, institutes and individuals through the pursuit of research and education at a high standard.

Mission Statement

“Grow people to think and act; the people who contribute to society with knowledge and character”

In order to fulfil this mission, KAIT finds high value in the following four elements. These four elements are constantly polished through the pursuit of education:

Creative Capacity
Human Quality
Academic Skills

Educational Approach

Small size classrooms valuing individual academic achievement
To enhance the academic skill of each student, KAIT always seeks the best educational setting, focusing on individual educational growth through numerical types of assignments and workshops.
Hands-on education to develop creativity and intellectual curiosity
To nourish the creativity and intellectual curiosity of the students, KAIT faculty members engage in implementing practical educational activities.
Personal based instruction to develop expertise
KAIT focuses on tutoring students through different seminars, as well as mentoring them with their individual graduation projects, all of which leading to enhancing their personal expertise.
Develop communicative skills nourishing cross cultural awareness and sense of globalism
As surrounded by a rich educational environment, KAIT students are encouraged to enrich their personalities and perspectives as global citizens through associating with faculty members or school staff, as well as friends from international backgrounds.