Undergraduate AdmissionsEntrance Examination for International Students

Qualifications for Admission

Successful applicants are who

  1. do not have Japanese nationality and are 18 years of age or older at the time of entrance.
  2. completed his/her secondary education and finished formal school education for 12 years or more, or recognized as equivalent.
  3. acquire sufficient Japanese language proficiency level as high as Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 level or higher.


Admission Procedure

The following two types of admission options are available.

  1. By KAIT Undergraduate Entrance Examination
    • Application Document Review
    • Examination; Mathematics and English tests given in Japanese.
    • Interview; including the level check of Japanese language command.
  2. By Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
    • Document Review
    • Score of EJU
    • Interview; including the level check of Japanese language command.

Admission Period

Application period : Mid. to Late November
Examination date : Mid. December

Examination Fee

30,000 Japanese Yen


Your Japanese language level need to be approximately up to N2 level. If you do not have enough level, please study at a language school to achieve the level before you apply as we do not have Japanese language course for beginner level students.