Promoting Organization of Technological Education and Research

The Promoting Organization of Technological Education and Research supports practical education for students and research activities of the faculty, while serving as a contact point for external stakeholders. The Organization consists of fifteen solution-driven research institutes/centers, and in addition has a liaison office to be a hub to promote collaborative researches among the industry, government, and academia.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Main Tasks

The Promoting Organization of Technological Education and Research has 5 main operations as follows:

  • Industry-government-academia collaboration
  • Promoting research compliance
  • Research strategy planning
  • Research budget management
  • Private university branding business

Among these tasks, “Industry-government-academia collaboration” is comprehensively managed by the Liaison Office. To contribute to the business and research development of the local community and relevant companies, the Liaison Office works to connect their needs to KAIT researchers by:

  • Introducing the research accomplishment by KAIT,
  • Creating a place for interaction between the industry and academia,
  • Responding to inquiries about contracted or collaborative researches,
  • Providing technical consultation, and
  • Planning and organizing technical forums and seminars.

KAIT has a range of programs to strengthen cooperation with private enterprises. We also work together with local governmental agencies and research organizations, seeking to meet various requests through a one-stop portal.