Graduate School of EngineeringCourse of Mechanical Engineering

International students can also apply.

In this graduate program, our goal is to facilitate the development of engineers and researchers with both application and development skills through an even more sophisticated and fuller learning environment. Mechanical engineering plays a key role in the fields of general engineering and industry. In addition to providing students with foundational knowledge of engineering, this course also provides the tools for students to be able to work with the progression and diversification of the field using the latest computer technologies.

To achieve our objectives, this course conducts educational initiatives and research as follows: Mechanics/control engineering, 2) material strength/processing, 3) fluid engineering, and 4) thermal engineering

Course of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanics / control engineering

Active control of vibration and noise: flight characteristics of special aircraft: robot structure and controls

Material strength / processing

Deformation and destruction of materials; strength level of composite materials and ceramics: dynamic characteristics; computational dynamics; precisions grinding and cutting of cutting-resistant materials; vibration-aided grinding and cutting

Fluid engineering

Multi-phase flow, atmosphere icing, wind power generation, drag reduction, etc.

Thermal engineering

Thermal engineering characteristics such as fluidity, mixed refrigerants, etc.; use of ecosystem heat transfer; thermal engineering, sterling engine, etc.