Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

International students can also apply.

Our policy for this department is to educate mechanical engineering personnel with a well-rounded personality, broad perspective, superior creative energy, and an inquiring mind. Our graduates would also have a sense of social responsibility and ethics as engineers, and be willing and able to do their part in the planet’s rapidly-changing environment of both globalization and conservation, as well as development, design, and manufacture of ever-sophisticated industrial products. Our goal for our graduates is also to impart them with sufficient basic knowledge of mechanical engineering to effectively design machinery and mechanical systems throughout their lives as engineers.

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Course

“As the students learn the fundamental principles of engineering discipline, they explore a wide range of fields, including aerospace studies and robotics. This course provides a significant advantage in hardware, particularly in areas of design and development. Through the use of information technology, students are encouraged to become skilled engineers with extensive knowledge of both hardware and software, enabling them to pursue rewarding careers in various industries.

Vehicle System Engineering Course

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a revolution with the introduction of electric vehicles, smart connections, and autonomous driving. Engineers now need to possess a firm foundation of engineering combined with knowledge of current advancing technologies. Deep knowledge of engines, motors, and vehicle frames remains essential as the field expands to include electronics and communication technology. We strive to nurture future car engineers ready for the next generation of vehicle development.

Environmental Energy and Engineering Course

Nowadays, environmental issues have become a global concern, and many companies worldwide are making efforts to create a non-carbon society and promote the use of reusable energy. The Environmental Energy and Engineering Course provides students with a strong foundation in mechanical engineering, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to tackle environmental challenges. The course aims to train the next generation of engineers who can challenge global environmental issues.

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