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KAIT Workshop
KAIT Plaza

【Guide for KAIT Workshop/ Plaza tour specialized for the people from overseas】

The tours are held on the designated dates.

This is a private university, not open to the public. Visitors need to make a prior reservation.

Please note that we strictly prohibit for individuals to explore inside these premises without permission.

Regular morning session: from 11am (from 10:30am only on Saturdays)

Regular afternoon session: from 3pm

Up to 5 groups per slot. The tour lasting time is for one hour.

The schedule of March

3/15(Fri), 3/18(Mon), 3/21(Thu)

≪The schedule of April≫

4/19(Fri), 4/23(Tue), 4/27(Sat)

※morning sessions on 4/27(Sat): from 10:30am

≪The schedule of May≫

5/11(Sat), 5/16(Thu), 5/18(Sat), 5/21(Tue), 5/24(Fri), 5/29(Wed)

※morning sessions on 5/11(Sat) and 5/18(Sat) : from 10:30am


≪Required information≫

  1. Your name
  2. Country
  3. Numbers in the party
  4. Your prospective transportation to the campus
  5. Your preferred day (from the scheduled dates)
  6. Your preferred time (from the specified timeframe)

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