Faculty of Information TechnologyDepartment of Information Network and Communication

International students can also apply.

This department trains new information networks engineers specialized in information technology, network technology, and the relevant application technologies. Our goal is to achieve even greater sophisticated information networks, which form the basis of important social infrastructure such as the Internet and mobile phone systems today.

Department of Information Network and Communication


As of the third year, students choose one from three highly specialized courses as follows.

Network Course

In this course, students learn the latest technologies, starting with the principles behind information networks—i.e. how information is conveyed over the Internet, mobile phones, e-mail, visuals, etc, that we use every day.

  • Next-generation networks
  • Mobile phone and mobile communication
  • Virtual networks

Security Course

In this course, students focus on the network society technologies, information security technologies, and security management technologies. These are required in the formulation of the virus protections, individual authentications, encipher technologies and more needed to ensure safety of information in our society.

  • Preventing information leaks
  • Virus defense
  • Electronic authentication technology

Application Course

Students acquire the knowledge and technologies connecting people with people, people with society, and people with virtual spaces including blogs, social networking services, Internet shopping, and more using the Internet and the Web.

  • Video communication technologyVideo communication technology
  • Virtual space
  • Social networking