Educational Development Center

With the aim of developing human resources who can contribute to society, KAIT Educational Development Center seeks to improve the curriculum contents and to enhance the abilities of the faculty. While strengthening its cooperation with external educational facilities and high schools as well as the community, the Center contributes to the development of human resources necessary in the society.

The Center, as educational hub for all the faculty members, shares the educational goals with all the faculty members and exerts efforts to:

  1. Distribute information on education,
  2. Elucidate the latest research findings and apply them into educational practice, and
  3. Enhance education at KAIT.

The Center provides a forum for interactive discussions as part of FD activities, so that we can work together with the faculty to create a better educational environment.

  • Katsuhisa Ito

    Katsuhisa Ito Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Professional Development in Higher Education
    • Instructional Design
    [Research Themes]
    • The Current States of the Articulations between High-schools and Universities: Thorough the Observation of Implementation of the I.B. and the A.P. Programs in the U.S. High-schools. [“KAKENHI” Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research #19K02872, 2019-2021]
    • Designing Instructional Sequences and Assessments for Attitude Learning in Higher Educational Settings. [KAIT Priority Research Grant for Educational Reform, 2019-2021]
    • Instructional Development of AINU Cultural and Historical Education in K3-K6 Social Studies. [“KAKENHI” Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research #22530872, 2010-2012]