Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Applied Chemistry

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Applied chemistry is based in a broad range of core industrial technologies, and is at the same time characterized by both interdisciplinary and specialized fields. For this reason our goal for this course is to produce a crop of scientists and engineers with both the foundational knowledge and ability to apply this knowledge over a myriad of applied chemistry fields (biochemistry, pharmaceutical organic chemistry, environmental chemistry, energy chemistry, etc.). These individuals should also be capable of flexible response to the needs and demands of society, and possess excellent communications skills.

Department of Applied Chemistry


General Engineering Course

This course is accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) in recognition of the fact that it meets a set of high standard in educating specialized engineers in the field of chemistry. Students acquire a basis in chemistry and also select a research project from the third year onward from amongst the following three categories, specializing in that field.

Applied Chemistry Course

Students in this course learn the foundations of chemistry as well as acquiring deep knowledge as a specialist in their field. Through this process they become generalists with extensive knowledge of the entire field of chemistry as well as a broad perspective and the ability to apply what they have learned. Since students are not subject to limitations on their research project, they are free to train in the topic in which they have the most interest and which they wish to pursue in the future.

Research Projects

Environmental Chemistry Project

Students choosing this topic learn about the current circumstances of the environment, including clarifying environmental pollution issues caused by hazardous chemicals and development of removal methods of environmental pollutants. Based on this knowledge, these individuals can then construct methodologies to remedy the problems, as well as proposing new chemical systems that pose a limited environmental burden.

Energy Chemistry Project

Students engaged in this category of project develop various types of energy chemistry skills with the objective of identifying clean energy sources, creating new energy sources utilizing chemical applications such as fuel cells and dye-sensitized solar cells—and working to render these more efficient. They also engage in the development of new systems with a view to efficient use of energy.

Medical/Biological Project

Students selecting this project category design chemical structures for low side-effect pharmaceutical candidate compounds, anti-cancer candidate compounds, etc. They also research antitumor compounds using cancer cells. By synthesizing these kinds of new pharmaceutical compounds and researching polymers used in such medical settings, the goal is to create and propose new chemical compounds that prove useful to humankind.