International Students’ FAQ

Is there any scholarship that international students can apply?
Yes- We have some scholarships that we can introduce to international students. The conditions are different for each scholarships, so please go to the international affairs office to know details about them.
Is there a way to get reduction of tuition fee for international students?
Yes- Please hand in the document for reduction of tuition fee to international affairs office to get 30% discount. You need to write the reason why you would like to get the reduction. You may not be able to get the reduction if your record and attendance are bad, so please keep in your mind to study hard at classes.
What should I do to extend my student VISA?
Please go to the international affairs office. There are documents for extending Student VISA, and also you can see the example to write the documents.
I am worried if I can follow classes or not. If I cannot understand studies well, what should I do?
We have a support for all students who do not understand studies well during classes. Please go to Centers for basic Education and Integrated Learning. There are teachers for English, Science, and Mathematics, so you can learn the subjects from teachers besides the classes.
I would like to go back to my home country during vacations. Is there anything I have to do before leave from Japan?
Yes- Please hand in a document for traveling to other countries for temporary visit to international affairs office. Please do not forget to tell the staff at immigration desk that you will come back to Japan after the visit.
Is there any places to make friends at KAIT besides class rooms?
Many international students use international affairs center and English Lounge at Ikutoku building to make friends and to relax from their studies. Please do not worry about it- if you have any worries about making friends after you enter KAIT, please talk to staff at international affairs office or your teachers. They must be your help.
I would like to enter to KAIT but I do not have Japanese language skills. Can I apply for the entrance exam?
No- Students’ Japanese language skills need to be approximately up to N2 level. Please study Japanese language by yourself or at a language school before you apply to KAIT.