Faculty of Creative EngineeringDepartment of Vehicle System Engineering

International students can also apply.

This Department generates engineers capable of engaging in the entire process of product development; that is everything spanning market survey and planning to determination of product specifications, concept design, detailed design, experimentation, production, and more. In addition, these individuals are trained to be capable of garnering information and making appropriate decisions on their own. Our students are also educated in the environment, safety, and comfort aspects of the automotive industry such that they can take on leadership roles in the future as the industry changes.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


The automotive sector involves a full range of engineering technologies. Engineers working in automotive development must have not only basic knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and information engineering, but must also have the skills and flexibility to be able to freely combine these into systems. Our students learn the basic knowledge required to manufacture cars, and at the same time challenge themselves to actual production through project-based classes where they work on a team to create something under the guidance of professors. This enables them to acquire the skills needed to develop next-generation cutting-edge autos.

Student Projects for Submission to Competitions

The Student Project for Competition is initiated and carried out independently by students, who submit a self- planned, designed, and produced vehicle to a competition. Here students gain opportunities to integrate their creative abilities acquired through project-based learning, along with the knowledge and skills of mechanical dynamics, design and drawing, electrical and electronic applications, information and controls, etc., which are taught in classes. Teams of our students participate in various competitions including the EV EcoRun Car Project, Solar Car Project, and the pico-EV Project.