Faculty of Information TechnologyDepartment of Information Media

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Faculty Members

  • KAJI Kengo

    KAJI Kengo Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Production and research related to general entertainment media (manga, anime, movies, dramas, music videos, plays, etc.)
    [Research Themes]
    • Research on entertainment works in general
    • Production of various videos, videos, and scripts
    • Production of comics, illustrations, and photos
    • 2.5-dimensional theater research
  • KASUGA Hideo

    KASUGA Hideo Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Image processing
    • Computer vison
    • Artificial intelligent
    [Research Themes]
    • Shape Identification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
    • Feature Extraction of Coloring in Digital Illustrations
    • Stereoscopic Image Conversion for Digital Illustrations
    • Moving Object Detection on a Vehicle Mounted Camera
  • SAKAI Masahiro

    SAKAI Masahiro Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Game Application for xR
    • Practical application in xR for Medical
    • Natural Language Processing(NLP) for Information and Management
    [Research Themes]
    • xR(VR,AR,MR) Applications in Mobile Environments
    • Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis and Clinical Pathways for Patients
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Applications(eCBT) for athletes
  • SATO Hisashi

    SATO Hisashi Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Computer Graphics, specifically Non-Photorealistic Rendering, Computer Animation, and Information Visualization
    • Development of Interactive Digital Systems
    [Research Themes]
    • Development and evaluation of educational and information dissemination systems using avatars.
    • Development and evaluation of information methods using animation and virtual reality.
    • Creation and evaluation of art using virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • SUZUKI Hiroshi

    SUZUKI Hiroshi Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Interactive system Development and Evaluation
    • Creative Workshop System Development for Kids
    • Physical Computing by Using Analog Media
    • Digital Signage System Development and Evaluation
    [Research Themes]
    • Developing The Storytelling Support System by using Drawing Activities and 3DCG Video Games
    • Developing an entertainment AR system that make an original spinning top for kids
    • A Paper Sumo Wrestling by using Voice Vibration and Augmented Reality
    • Deveroping of “Hyper Panel ” That can Watch the Digital Information Corresponding to the Multi Position of the Poster
  • NISHIGUCHI Isoharu

    NISHIGUCHI Isoharu Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Music Acoustics/Computational Mechanics
    [Research Themes]
    • Design and development of musical instruments and acoustic equipment
    • Simulation of sound and vibration for product design
    • Development of acoustic measurement technology for product design
    • Music Psychoacoustics
    • Research on the advancement of structural design
  • NISHIMURA Hiromitsu

    NISHIMURA Hiromitsu Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Image Processing / Image Recognition
    • Machine Learning
    • User Authentication / Metal Key Identification
    [Research Themes]
    • Invisible Image Processing and Recognition
    • Sign Language Recognition
    • User Authentication System Using Infrared Images
    • Analysis of Moving Objects Using Image Processing
    • Metal Key Identification System Using Ultraviolet Rays
  • HATTORI Motohumi

    HATTORI Motohumi Professor

    [Key Words]
    • 3DCG Games
    • Computer Graphics Animation
    • VR, AR, MR
    [Research Themes]
    • Arts and Technologies for 3DCG Digital Games
    • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality
    • Physics Simulations for 3DCG Games
    • Fragrance VR Technologies for Digital Games
    • Molecular Dynamics for Virtual Reality
  • YANAKA Kazuhisa

    YANAKA Kazuhisa Professor

    [Key Words]
    • 3D Image Display and its Application
    • Optical illusion
    [Research Themes]
    • Integral Photography
    • Production of 3D Images/Videos Using 3D Computer Graphics or 3D Camera
    • Autostereoscopic Mixed Reality
    • Mechanism of Color-Dependent Fraser-Wilcox illusion
  • WATANABE Tomoki

    WATANABE Tomoki Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Human Computer Interaction / Natural User Interface
    • Human Information Processing / Awareness / Behavior Change
    • Application and Utilization of IoT
    [Research Themes]
    • Understanding human behavior and human inner condition
    • Presenting information enabling unconsciously notice
    • Natural interface for encouraging good behavior and thinking
  • UEDA Mari

    UEDA Mari Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Sound and 〇〇. Applied Acoustics and “Kansei” Engineering.
    [Research Themes]
    • Acoustics engineering
    • “Kansei” engineering
    • Multimodal communication
    • Acoustics in sports
    • Accessible design
  • KITAMOTO Eriko

    KITAMOTO Eriko Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • We are working on digital space design based on architectural informatics.
    [Research Themes]
    • Production activities to establish and demonstrate new design methods.
    • Augmentation of the body and space using mixed reality and projection mapping.
    • Design extensions approaching from computational thinking and design.
  • KUSAKABE Minoru

    KUSAKABE Minoru Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • 3DCG Animation
    • Image generation AI
    [Research Themes]
    • Establishing efficient high-resolution video production pipelines using game engines
    • Production of interactive educational content using 3DCG
    • Immersive video media
  • KUROKAWA Masaki

    KUROKAWA Masaki Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Sound content production
    [Research Themes]
    • Computer music production using expression by acoustic technology
    • Application of computers to musical instruments using expression by acoustic technology
    • Proposal of learning method of computer music production technique
  • SADAKUNI Shingo

    SADAKUNI Shingo Associate professor

  • MURAKAMI Hiromitsu

    MURAKAMI Hiromitsu Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Media Arts, Animation, Interactive, Design
    [Research Themes]
    • Unique Expressions in Media Arts.
    • New Visual Expressions Using Animation Techniques.
    • Interactive Picture Books, Comics, and Animations.
    • Producing creative Works Considering Environments, Screening, and Exhibition Environments.
    • Workshop Design for Media Arts.
  • YAMANOUCHI Toshiaki

    YAMANOUCHI Toshiaki Assistant professor

    [Key Words]
    • Human-friendly Medical Information System Development
    [Research Themes]
    • Color Reproduction System for Telemedicine
    • Visual Compensation Method for People with Color Vision Deficiency
    • Stastical Image Processing
    • Multidimensional Multivariate Signal Processing