Faculty of Applied BioscienceDepartment of Applied Bioscience

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With the advent of biotechnology, huge leaps have been made in the various research fields directly linked to our lives, including medicine, food production, food safety, environmental cleanup, and more. The educational goal of this department is to impart students with the basic knowledge they need to play an important role in the life sciences—and further train them in the latest life science technology fields—giving them the skills they need not only to make a difference in the local region but also the world, to be able to work on an global scale, and to facilitate the field of bioscience in general.

Department of Applied Bioscience


The Department offers the following courses enabling students to deepen their areas of specialization.

Health and Medical Bioscience

Students learn about medicine and diagnostics.
Ex: Medical diagnostic (enzymatic analysis/enzyme immunity)/biologically active substances (medicinal action)/regenerative medicine (tissue culture)/biomedical material (biocompatible polymers)

Environmental Bioscience

Students learn about environmental remediation.
Ex: Bio-process (green bio)/environmental preservation (bio-remediation)/search and application of enzymes and microorganisms/structure and function of biopolymers

Food Bioscience

Students learn about functional food and supplements.
Ex: Food analysis/food processing (enzymes and microorganisms)/functional food and supplements/food safety (microorganisms and sterilization)/enzymatic food and genetically engineered food

Cosmetic Bioscience

Students learn about biotechnologies in support of beauty.
Ex: Functional cosmetics/cell cultivation (tissue culture)/anti-aging/skincare/analysis of biologically active substances

Plant Bioscience

Students learn about gene recombination and tissue culture.
Ex: Genetically modified pants/tissue culture/effects of useful plants/effective use of useful plants

General Bioscience

Students learn about the entire span of biosciences.
Ex: Bio-assistive technologies/instrumental analysis/acquisition of certification