Tokyo Game Show 2022

The Department of Information Media will be exhibiting a unique student-developed game at the Tokyo Game Show 2022

The Department of Information Media will be exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 at Makuhari Messe from Sept. 15th to 18th, Business Days on September 15 and 16, in the Game School Corner 1-N02.

Four game works that are the result of Kanagawa Institute of Technology's unique team development class "Game Creator Special Training" will be exhibited on different days.

<Exhibition on Sep. 15th and 17th>

(1) “Party people chase 〜with Dr. invisible〜” / Online Stereophonic Chase

When the party people were camping by the riverbank, the doctor got angry at the noise and took the speakers away! Use sound to catch the invisible doctor!

(2) “EmojiQuiz”/ Online pictogram reproduction quiz game

One selected online participant imitates the designated emoji and the others instantly guess what the emoji is. A communication quiz game where participants get to know each other by repeating 5 questions and trying to answer all the questions correctly.

<Exhibition on Sep.16th and 18th>

(3) “Stick and Dance” / 2D cooperative online dance game
Everyone can use magnets to control the marionettes and create dance scenes by striking the poses instructed! After you play, be an audience member and bring the theater to life! Enjoy playing and enjoy watching. This is a game that incorporates these two elements.

(4) “Dice game anniversary” / Online Dice Calendar Board Game
It is a board game on a calendar. All squares are anniversaries, and you can activate events and get items.
Goals are set up at total of four times at random locations, and the total points for the items determine the ranking.

“Exhibition of excellent works from the game curriculum”
 Excellent works in game programming and exercise courses of the Department of Information Media, Faculty of Information Technology, Kanagawa Institute of Technology will be exhibited in video format. Some of them can be played on a trial basis. There will also be a VR exhibit for reference.