Faculty of Information TechnologyDepartment of Information Systems

International students can also apply.

The efficient use of information technology and its benefits to human life are the key elements; The Department of Information Systems investigates the contribution of information technology to daily living and jobs to improve society, not just by studying the system itself but also by identifying the best practical applications of it in the real world. The use of robots and automated systems has become increasingly common in healthcare, manufacturing, education, and other fields. The course starts from the basics, the understanding of software, and extends to hardware aspects, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of how programming works. The students will obtain the skills to apply Information Technology to meet societal needs.

Department of Information Systems


  • Information System Development
  • Application Development
  • Home Robots
  • Business Application of Information Technology
  • Health Care System
  • Human-Robot Connection
  • Education System
  • Sensing System
  • Next Generation Network
  • Virtual Reality/Artificial Reality/ Metaverse
  • IoT (Internet of Things)

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