Professor Ishiwata and Assistant Professor Nemoto will appear on NHK WORLD-JAPAN

Professor Ishiwata of the Center for Basic Education and Integrated Learning and Assistant Professor Nemoto of the Department of Mechanical Engineering appear on NHK WORLD-JAPAN 15 Minutes

It is an on-demand program in English and is titled “NINJA TRUTH Episode 22: Flying Ninja”. This is the 22nd episode of the series that introduces the ninja by revealing their scientific backgrounds, and verified an ancient document that states ninja flew in the sky with kites to burn down their enemies' castles. The program also introduces an experiment using the University's wind tunnel. The wind tunnel experiment was conducted using the wind tunnel facility at the University's Fluid Laboratory, and is the longest experimental video in the series.


Please take a look.


■On demand broadcast

NINJA TRUTH Episode 22: Flying Ninja , on demand broadcast.