Exchange on Information Education and Research with Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul, Brazil.

"Discovering Hamiltoian Cycle"

The smartphone application for information engineering, "Discovering Hamiltonian Cycle" developed by Professor Emeritus Fujio Yamamoto, former Professor of the Department of Information and Computer Sciences, has been translated into Portuguese by Professor Carlos França of the Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul, Brazil, and published on Google Play.

(The content of this app is also featured in this news article)

In making this translation,  there has been a close exchange of opinions with Professor Carlos França regarding the usefulness of using smartphone applications in computer science education. Reflecting this, a YouTube video with commentary in Portuguese is now available, which is expected to be widely offered to students in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

The following is a message sent by Professor Carlos França to Professor Emeritus Fujio Yamamoto that indicates the high usefulness of this smartphone application.

From Professor Carlos França

Dear Fujio Yamamoto,

Your App will be very useful for students from Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries.
It is with great satisfaction that I inform you that the Portuguese version of your APP has been published on Google Play and on my pages. I also made it available on Youtube and you can check it out on the pages above or directly on Google Play:
I believe you will like the end result. I added a Tutorial for using the App, but I kept the original GUI. Thank you again for authorizing the translation and making this excellent App available to Brazilian students.

Portuguese version of the app