Research on Quantum Computing (Professor Emeritus Fujio Yamamoto) Featured in Fixstars Amplify

Research on Quantum Computing Featured in Fixstars Amplify

Fujio Yamamoto, Professor Emeritus of the University, former Professor of the Department of Information and Computer Sciences, solves a familiar problem called "combinatorial optimization problem" using a quantum annealing machine, a type of quantum computer, and publishes it as a blog article.

Four of the articles were featured on the following web page of Fixstars Amplify, a leading quantum computing service provider for businesses in Japan. 

 (Featured in articles on May 5th, 9th, 28th, and 30th)

These articles include "Optimal Scheduling of Graduation Research Presentations" and "Optimization of Flowerbed Delivery Routes to Metropolitan Parks," and they are expected to attract a wide range of interests.