JST Sakura Science Exchange Program

Online invited lectures -- Supported by JST Sakura Science Exchange Program

Three online invited lectures on advanced Japanese technology and art were held in Feb. and Mar. 2022. Supported by the JST Sakura Science Exchange Program,  the program is intended to invite students from Bangkok University, Thailand, to learn about Japanese science, technology, and culture with our students. All lectures were presented in English and very well attended, with a maximum of approximately 170 people in attendance.

Feb. 17th: Associate Professor Nobuya Watanabe, Chubu University

Title of Lecture: "Application of Geoinformatics in the Field of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Protection"

Feb. 24th: r. Shuichi Kurabayashi, Director of Cygames Research and Guest Associate Professor at Tokyo University of Science

Title of Lecture: "Introduction to Modern AI-Driven Game Development"

Mar. 15th: Ms. Nahomi Maki, Lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts

Title of Lecture: "The Art of Immersive Cinema"

Mr. Watanabe is an expert in geographic information systems and spoke about geographic information systems for archaeological analysis and historical heritage protection. Mr. Kurabayashi has been developing elemental technologies for game development since establishing Cygames Research, and spoke about AI technology-driven game development. Ms. Maki has created numerous CG and visual art works, and also teaches students in university classes.

The lectures were explained in an easily understood manner to the students of Bangkok University and our university. The students actively asked questions and received detailed answers. The invited lectures provided a valuable opportunity for university students from both Thailand and Japan to learn about Japan's cutting-edge technology and culture together.

This online invited lecture was supported by the Sakura Science Exchange Program, https://ssp.jst.go.jp/, an international youth science exchange program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, JST.