Regional and Social Contribution by High School-University Collaboration

On Nov. 15th, the signing ceremony for an educational exchange agreement with Atsugi-Seinan Senior High School in Kanagawa Prefecture was held at the university.

At the signing ceremony, Koji Imada, Principal of Atsugi Seinan Senior High School in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Kazumi Komiya, President of the university, signed the agreement and exchanged opinions on future initiatives.

Principal Imada said, "Our school has a flexible school system, offering full-time, part-time, and distance learning programs. Our flexible school is characterized by the fact that students learn not only inside the high school, but also outside the school as well. Students go to various places to learn. Students go to different places to learn, and they are accepted as academic credits.

We would like to use this agreement as an opportunity to appeal to our students to take various courses sponsored by your school.”

President Komiya also commented, "As we celebrate our 60th anniversary this year, we will reorganize our faculties and departments and start a new next year. Like your school, which promotes flexibility, the University is also student-oriented in its educational activities. We are located in the same city, so students can come and go as they please, and we hope that they will take advantage of our faculty and facilities to foster the development of future leaders.”