Research Day

Let's Go and Find the Research You Haven’t Heard!

On Friday, Apr. 5th, the 2nd Research Day was held on our campus under the theme of “Practical Application-Oriented Research: Let's Go and Find the Research You Haven’t Heard!" Despite a light rain, many people from companies, government agencies, and others interested in the university's research attended the event. Research Day aims to create an opportunity for the dissemination and co-creation of research results. To this end, 12 carefully selected studies from the advanced research that the university is working on for practical application in society were introduced as “Open Labs,” with exhibitions and mini-lectures on generative AI research, and an “Industry-University Collaboration Corner” where visitors could consult with industry and academia about industry-university collaboration.

In addition to free tours of the laboratories, the participants were given guided tours of four laboratories in different fields. At facilities such as the Smart House Research Center, the Automotive Engineering Building, and the “KAIT TOWN” completed this spring, visitors were able to see various facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. They were also able to learn about our research and experience the excitement and depth of our research. Many people asked questions to the researchers and students, or talked with them at length for more detailed explanations. The mini-lectures, “The Story of Generative AI: A Case Study of Kanagawa Institute of Technology” and “Efforts Toward Automatic Beverage Container Separation,” were almost fully booked, indicating the high level of interest in the university's research on generative AI.

The University will continue to introduce a variety of research to many people.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who came to the exhibition and to all those inside and outside the university who cooperated in making it possible.

<Open Laboratory>

1 Frontiers of the Automated Digital Twin ― Virtual Space Simulator DIVP ―

2 AI-IoT, the Future Created by Smart Houses

3 Realization of 8K ultra high-definition 3D image processing system by linking edge and cloud

4 Production of plastic raw materials from biomass resources to suppress global warming

5 “Creating Better Cars” with Digital Twin Drivers

6 Utilize the full potential of optical communication networks ― Research on “optical integrated circuits” that transmit and process optical signals as light ―

7 Etcetera related to sound and people

8 Demonstration of “Noise Reduction and Sound Source Identification” and “Sign Language Recognition” by AI

9 Optimal Cooking Conditions in Food Service Production Systems

10 To reduce the number of medical refugees in times of disaster ― Power supply by EV vehicles ―

11 Protecting the lives, livelihoods, and health of local people ― Developing Disaster-Resilient Nursing Students ―

12 Improving the competitiveness of e-sports through the use of information technology

<KAIT AI ZONE, Cutting-edge generative AI research>

1 Research on expression generation AI

2 Providing medicinal information by Fine-Tuned GPT via Mobile User Interface

3 Body augmentation by interactive robots

4 Research on interactive meal support systems

5 More accessible mobility ― Research on voice interactive mobility ―

*The Open Lab is also available on YouTube.

KAIT the 2nd ResearchDay, Apr. 5th, 2024

 Organized by Research Promotion Organization, Kanagawa Institute of Technology