IT-based Education and Research Symposium 2023

On Thursday, Mar. 14th, the university held an IT-based Education and Research Symposium 2023, both in-person and online.

In this symposium, a number of faculty members present their research and practice of IT-based education methods and share their results and know-hows. The symposium has been held annually since 2006, with this year as the 18th.

Since the use of IT in education is a topic of great social interest, many people from inside and outside of the university attended the event.

In his opening remarks, President Kazumi Komiya explained the university's facilities and research efforts aimed at the rapidly advancing IT and AI trends, and the AI education being conducted throughout the university.

Mr. Harada, Senior Manager of Fujitsu Japan's Education Solution Business Department, then provided a keynote speech on the topic of University DX Initiatives.

In his speech, he introduced some examples of university DX implementations Fujitsu Japan has worked on with many universities to achieve the education and research environment required in the New Normal era, as well as future challenges and proposals using generative AI technology.

In general lecture, twenty-nine research presentations were made available at three venues and on-demand, video streaming via limited YouTube. These included a wide range of presentations on the results of IT-based classes and system development, reports on the CEATEC 2023 exhibit and high school-university collaborative courses, and three research presentations by undergraduate students. During the Q&A session following each presentation, there were not only questions and discussions on the content of the research, but also more specific questions such as the cost of teaching materials used and hopes for the practical application of the research, making for a lively and meaningful symposium.

We hope that the latest situation of university DX and our knowledge in various IT education and research shared through this symposium will be of use to the participants. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the participants and all those who helped make this event possible.