Hearing Loop Setup at KAIT TOWN

Hearing Loop Setup at KAIT TOWN

Community and Social Contribution, Department of Information Media

On Mar. 18th, when KAIT TOWN was handed over to the University, students and other staff members brought in equipment to be used in each room in the building and set up the rooms.

In the Citizen/Student Community Room, a hearing loop was set up by students from the Applied Acoustic Engineering Laboratory, Ueda Lab, of the Department of Information and Media Studies.  A hearing loop is a device that uses a loop antenna to create a magnetic field to transmit sound from a microphone directly to a hearing aid. This facility is rare among Japanese universities except our own.

Students from Ueda Laboratory were taught how to do it and worked on crawling loops under the floor.  It is expected that this hearing loop will be used extensively in the headquarters building, which will be used as a community room for future regional collaboration activities.