Professor Toshihiko Yamaka, JHAT Representative, is conducting relief activities after the Noto Peninsula earthquake

Specially Appointed Professor Toshihiko Yamaka, JHAT Representative, is conducting relief activities after the Noto Peninsula earthquake

Community and Social Contribution

Japan Hemodialysis Assistance Team in disaster (JHAT), headed by Specially Appointed Professor Toshihiko Yamaka of the Department of Clinical Engineering and headquartered at the University, has been providing support since the Noto Peninsula earthquake occurred.  In Noto, they are surveying the disaster and surrounding areas, gathering information, setting up and operating a relief supply center, and dispatching personnel to provide dialysis treatment support.

Specially Appointed Professor Yamaka, who has been engaged in support activities, reported the severe situation in Noto: "While the water supply was cut off for a long time, we received a great number of requested supplies such as simple toilets and underwear because they cannot wash them, which again strongly reminded us of the hardships in the disaster-stricken areas."

This time, many medical support teams were delayed for almost a week to assist the affected areas due to collapsed roads and aftershocks, and the supply center was only opened on Jan. 11th. Nevertheless, we have conducted preliminary inspections and surveys of the affected areas, delivered relief supplies and conducted a survey of desired supplies, delivered approximately 1,000 boxes of supplies to dialysis treatment facilities with a total of 110 people, and dispatched medical personnel, a total of 23 people to two facilities from Jan. 9th to Feb. 3rd, to support dialysis treatment facilities. The number of people who worked at the relief supply center from Jan. 11th to Jan. 26th: 110 people in total, and 5 companies were asked to deliver to each facility, as of Feb. 3rd.

What is Japan Hemodialysis Assistance Team in disaster, JHAT?

The organization supports the earliest possible restoration of dialysis treatment facilities affected by the disaster and supports ensuring that dialysis patients' treatment will not be interrupted. Japanese Association of Dialysis Physicians, Japan Association of Clinical Engineers, Japan Academy of Nephrology Nursing, dialysis-related division of blood purification.

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