Professor Wakita held a self-driving AI Car Race at Bangkok University

Event Report

International Communications

Professor Toshihiro Wakita, Department of Vehicle System Engineering, held a self-driving AI Car Race at Bangkok University on Mar. 13th.
The self-driving AI car race has been conducted by Professor Wakita on campus since Mar. 2022, and has already been held four times with the participation of student teams and the teams from high schools that have taken the high school-university collaboration course.

This time, Prof. Wakita held a course at Bangkok University in Thailand, where local students each built their own AI, followed by a self-driving car race. It was a fierce competition, and the next international race is scheduled to be held between our students and students from Bangkok University.

This race was sponsored by the University's Center for Global Academic Collaboration. It was made possible through cooperation of Dr. Panapong Songsukthawan, vice president, Dr. Kingkarn Sookhanaphibarn, assistant professor, and Dr. Worawat Choensawa, assistant professor, in collaboration with Center of Special Innovation, CoSI.

The two universities have a cooperative agreement, and have conducted annual exchanges such as overseas training for our students at Bangkok University and internship programs for Bangkok University students at our university.

We plan to collaborate more extensively in the future, including joint promotion of international research projects.