Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

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Faculty Members

  • Hiroshi Okubo

    Hiroshi Okubo Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Applied Research in Aerospace Engineering
    • Dynamics and Control of Aircraft/ Spacecraft
    • Vibration Control of Smart/Adaptive Space Structures
    • Systems Engineering for Small Satellite and CubeSat
    • Research and Development of High-Sky Wind Power Generation Systems
    [Research Themes]
    • Attitude and Vibration Control of Flexible Spacecraft
    • Fault Detection and Identification of Smart Structures
    • Small/Nano Satellite and Cube-Sat
    • Airborne Wind Power Generation
    • Dynamics of Flight and Automatic Control
  • Takeshi Kawashima

    Takeshi Kawashima Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Engineering for a Sustainable and Quality Life
    [Research Themes]
    • Motion and Vibration Control (for example, Active seat belt, and Active child restraint systems)
    • Design of Vibration and Comfortable Swing (for example, Active rocking Chair)
    • Effective Utilization of Renewable Energy (for example, Control system for Thermosiphons)
  • Shigeo Kimura

    Shigeo Kimura Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Rotary wing aerodynamics
    • Cold regions engineering
    • Green energy engineering in cold climates
    [Research Themes]
    • Development of unmanned aerial vehicle in meteorologically harsh conditions
    • Application of icephobic coatings to aircraft icing prevention
    • Safety operation of wind turbines in cold climates
    • Measurements of atmospheric icing on structures
  • Wakae Kozukue

    Wakae Kozukue Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Computer Simulation of Sound and Vibration of Machines
    • Soft Computing
    [Research Themes]
    • Application of Neural Network and Deep Learning
    • Cluster Analysis of Machines
    • Numerical Simulation of Vehicle Noise Using Finite Element Method
    • Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Carbon Nano Tube
    • Numerical Simulation Using Bond Graph
  • Yoshinori Takaishi

    Yoshinori Takaishi Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Thermophysical Properties of Working-fluids Used in Technically Important Thermal Engineering Systems such as Heat Engines, Refrigerators and Air-conditioners
    [Research Themes]
    • Thermodynamic Properties of Refrigerants
    • Viscosity of Refrigerants, Oils and Their Mixtures
    • Surface Tension of Biofuels like Ethanol
    • New Vibrating-wire Density-meter for Liquids under High Pressures
    • Pool Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer for Refrigerant and Refrigerating Oil Mixtures
  • Ichiro Takahashi

    Ichiro Takahashi Professor

  • Fuyuto Terui

    Fuyuto Terui Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Control Engineering
    • Astrodynamics
    • Applied Research in Aerospace Engineering
    [Research Themes]
    • Guidance, Navigation and Control of Spacecraft
    • Motion (Attitude and Position) Control of Spacecraft
    • Autonomy in Aerospace Engineering
  • Keisuke Arikawa

    Keisuke Arikawa Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Robot Kinematics
    • Robotic Mechanism
    • Mechanism Design
    [Research Themes]
    • Manipulator with Unconventional Topological Structure
    • Robotic Mechanisms with Unconventional Joints
    • Application of Compliant Mechanisms
    • Analysis of Protein Motion based on Robot Kinematics
  • Kenichiro Imai

    Kenichiro Imai Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Ductile-mode Grinding and Cutting
    • Vibration Assisted Machining of Difficult-to-cut Materials
    • Monozukuri Based on Biomimetics
    [Research Themes]
    • Ductile-mode Grinding and Cutting of Hard and Brittle Materials (Fine ceramics, Synthetic Silica, Single crystal Si and SiC)
    • Vibration Assisted Grinding of Difficult-to-cut Materials (Ti-6Al-4V alloy, Inconel)
    • Thrust Force Directional Vibration-assisted Machining in Ductile-mode
    • Modelling of Auditory Ossicles and the Vibrational Analysis
  • Ichiro Nakane

    Ichiro Nakane Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Environmental Fluid Engineering / Traffic Flow / Wing Aerodynamics / Modeling / Numerical Simulation
    [Research Themes]
    • A study of pollen re-transport behavior in the urban environment
    • Car traffic flow measurement and building a mathematical simulation model
    • Numerical and experimental studies of aerodynamics of Flying Snakes
    • Design of a long distance flight multicopter with fixed-wings
  • Naoki Hayashi

    Naoki Hayashi Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Numerical Simulation of Combustion
    [Research Themes]
    • Numerical simulation of flame-wall interaction
    • Numerical simulation of spray combustion for engine
    • Numerical analysis and experiment for fundamental phenomena of combustion
    • Numerical research for ultra-micro combustion
  • Takeo Watanabe

    Takeo Watanabe Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Structure and mechanism of spacecraft and their payloads
    [Research Themes]
    • Space debris reduction system using tether technology
    • Asteroid sampling system inspired by Japanese sword technology
    • Innovative deployment mechanism based on inflatable structure
  • Mitsumasa Nemoto

    Mitsumasa Nemoto Assistant professor

    [Key Words]
    • Application of Fluid Dynamics in Engineering
    [Research Themes]
    • Development of a Noncontact Handling Device with a Swirling Flow
    • On Fluid Friction Loss Coefficient of Rough Wall Passage
    • Study on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Wings in Formation Flights
    • Engineering Education through a Design Contest on Fluid Dynamics
  • Mitsumasa Nemoto

    Toshihiro Mizuno Assistant professor

    [Key Words]
    • Measurement of Contact Pressure
    • Ductile Fracture of Metal
    • Computer Simulation of Plane
    [Research Themes]
    • Measurement of Contact Pressure in Die Forging by Ultrasonic
    • Measurement of Contact Pressure in Flange Joint by Ultrasonic
    • Failure in Injection Upsetting
    • Analysis of Flight Characteristics at Low Speed Flight
  • Mitsumasa Nemoto

    Takakazu Yoshioka Assistant professor

    [Key Words]
    • Development of the non-destructive inspection method for detecting and evaluating various damages by the impact and mechanical vibration in composite materials or new materials.
    [Research Themes]
    • Evaluate the mechanics characteristics of new materials
    • Evaluation of damage by the impact of new materials
    • Damage detection inside the composite material using the electrical-resistance changing method