Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

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*The information on this site is current as of 2023. The content is to be renewed in July, 2024 after the upcoming organizational reform of the school. For the latest updates, please refer to the Japanese Page.

Faculty Members

  • ARIKAWA Keisuke

    ARIKAWA Keisuke Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Robot Kinematics
    • Robotic Mechanism
    • Mechanism Design
    [Research Themes]
    • Manipulator with Unconventional Topological Structure
    • Robotic Mechanisms with Unconventional Joints
    • Application of Compliant Mechanisms
    • Analysis of Protein Motion based on Robot Kinematics
  • KAWASHIMA Takeshi

    KAWASHIMA Takeshi Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Engineering for a Sustainable and Quality Life
    [Research Themes]
    • Motion and Vibration Control (for example, Active seat belt, and Active child restraint systems)
    • Design of Vibration and Comfortable Swing (for example, Active rocking Chair)
    • Effective Utilization of Renewable Energy (for example, Control system for Thermosiphons)
  • KIMURA Shigeo

    KIMURA Shigeo Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Rotary wing aerodynamics
    • Cold regions engineering
    • Green energy engineering in cold climates
    [Research Themes]
    • Development of unmanned aerial vehicle in meteorologically harsh conditions
    • Application of icephobic coatings to aircraft icing prevention
    • Safety operation of wind turbines in cold climates
    • Measurements of atmospheric icing on structures
  • KOZUKUE Wakae

    KOZUKUE Wakae Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Applied Study of Deep Learning, Data Science and Neural Network to Mechanical Engineering
    [Research Themes]
    • Symbol and Character Recognition Using Deep Learning
    • Cluster Analysis of Machines and Vehicles
    • Topology Optimization Analysis of Box Structures for Reducing Vibration
  • SATO Tomoaki

    SATO Tomoaki Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Development and Evaluation of Teaching Materials in Engineering Education
    [Research Themes]
    • Educational Technology
    • Engineering Education
    • GC Animation Content of the Technical Heritage
    • Use of the Multimedia Content in Engineering Education
    • Educational Use of the Stereo Visualized System
  • TERUI Fuyuto

    TERUI Fuyuto Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Control Engineering
    • Astrodynamics
    • Applied Research in Aerospace Engineering
    [Research Themes]
    • Guidance, Navigation and Control of Spacecraft
    • Motion (Attitude and Position) Control of Spacecraft
    • Autonomy in Aerospace Engineering
  • WATANABE Takeo

    WATANABE Takeo Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Technology and Society, Design Science
    [Research Themes]
    • Study of the Fracture Characteristics of Dome Structures
    • Study of Collapse Behaviour of Tensegrity Structures
    • Study of Penetration and Fracture Characteristics of Thin Metals
  • IMAI Kenichiro

    IMAI Kenichiro Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Ductile-mode Grinding and Cutting
    • Vibration Assisted Machining of Difficult-to-cut Materials
    • Monozukuri Based on Biomimetics
    [Research Themes]
    • Ductile-mode Grinding and Cutting of Hard and Brittle Materials (Fine ceramics, Synthetic Silica, Single crystal Si and SiC)
    • Vibration Assisted Grinding of Difficult-to-cut Materials (Ti-6Al-4V alloy, Inconel)
    • Thrust Force Directional Vibration-assisted Machining in Ductile-mode
    • Modelling of Auditory Ossicles and the Vibrational Analysis
  • NAKANE Ichiro

    NAKANE Ichiro Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Environmental Fluid Engineering / Traffic Flow / Wing Aerodynamics / Modeling / Numerical Simulation
    [Research Themes]
    • A study of pollen re-transport behavior in the urban environment
    • Car traffic flow measurement and building a mathematical simulation model
    • Numerical and experimental studies of aerodynamics of Flying Snakes
    • Design of a long distance flight multicopter with fixed-wings
  • HAGINO Naoto

    HAGINO Naoto Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Thermal Fluid Engineering / Unsteady flow /Turbomachinery
    [Research Themes]
    • A Study of Unsteady Flow Occurring Turbo Compressor
    • Detection of Unsteady Flow by Machine Learning
    • A Study of Jet Engine Fan Icing
    • A study of self-circulating thermosyphon
  • HAYASHI Naoki

    HAYASHI Naoki Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Numerical Simulation of Combustion
    [Research Themes]
    • Numerical simulation of flame-wall interaction
    • Numerical simulation of spray combustion for engine
    • Numerical analysis and experiment for fundamental phenomena of combustion
    • Numerical research for ultra-micro combustion
  • MIZUNO Toshihiro

    MIZUNO Toshihiro Assistant professor

    [Key Words]
    • Measurement of Contact Pressure
    • Ductile Fracture of Metal
    • Computer Simulation of Plane
    [Research Themes]
    • Measurement of Contact Pressure in Die Forging by Ultrasonic
    • Measurement of Contact Pressure in Flange Joint by Ultrasonic
    • Failure in Injection Upsetting
    • Analysis of Flight Characteristics at Low Speed Flight
  • YOSHIOKA Takakazu

    YOSHIOKA Takakazu Assistant professor

    [Key Words]
    • Development of the non-destructive inspection method for detecting and evaluating various damages by the impact and mechanical vibration in composite materials or new materials.
    [Research Themes]
    • Evaluate the mechanics characteristics of new materials
    • Evaluation of damage by the impact of new materials
    • Damage detection inside the composite material using the electrical-resistance changing method