Faculty of Creative EngineeringDepartment of Home Electronics

International students can also apply.

The development of the electronics field is based in the new industrial technologies of mobile phones, robotics, electric cars, and more. In the future, we can expect the development of life electronic fields combining technologies such as those conducive to the environment, safety, and health, as well as home electronics, information networks, and housing. Therefore there is a tremendous need from the industrial sector for electrics engineering personnel capable of working in the development of these fields and addressing related social issues. This department focuses on these kinds of social needs.

Department of Home Electronics


At our department, in order to acquire appropriate electronics skills, we have purchased the appropriate commercially available home electronics, which students disassemble. Through this process they acquire an understanding of the system as well as knowledge of the technologies they contain, knowledge of product design, and engineering knowledge—rendering it a powerful learning tool. The more strongly knowledge is rooted in experimentation, the less likely the individual is to forget it. Our hands-on environment is designed to facilitate the growth of our students into individuals that can do their part for society.

“Monozukuri” Manufacturing Project

In addition to hands-on classes, the curriculum of this department entails projects as of the first year designed to facilitate problem-solving. By way of identifying a specific field, we move ahead with research through collaboration with corporations, and also by student-devised recommendations and proposals. Our students acquire the base and methodology they need for their careers as engineers, along with design, production, surveying, and analytical skills.

Corporate Project

This hands-on project challenges the student to monozukuri manufacturing and issues faced by electronics manufacturers, to which they can apply their specialized skills and knowledge gained from project research. Through their project, they experience the greater world of society and the corporate sector, leading to the development of knowledge and skills theory they will need as engineers as well as the communication skills—including writing—that are also essential in the field.