Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Faculty Members

  • Kazutaka Itako

    Kazutaka Itako Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Power Electronics Control
    • Musical acoustic engineering
    [Research Themes]
    • Maximum Power Point Tracking Control for PV Generation Systems
    • Maximum Efficiency Point Tracking Control for FC Generation Systems
    • Sensorless Technic for Power Converters
    • PFC Technic for Power Converters
    • Electronic Analysis of the Tone of Musical Instruments
  • Tsugutomo Kudoh

    Tsugutomo Kudoh Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Developing in Low-Cost and Low-Loss of Power Semiconductor
    [Research Themes]
    • Study on Low-Loss and High Speed Power device
    • Study on Schottky Barrier Gas Sensor using SiC Material
    • Study on Low-Loss Self-Biased Channel MOS Silicon Diode
    • Study on Low-Loss Self-Biased Channel MOS SiC Diode
    • Study of Lateral Self-Biased Channel MOS Silicon Diode
  • Takanori Komuro

    Takanori Komuro Professor

    [Key Words]
    • High Accuracy Electronic Measurements
    • Sensor Interface Circuit
    • Analog and Digital Circuit Design
    • Digital Signal Processing
    [Research Themes]
    • High Accuracy Electronic Measurements
    • Sensor Interface Circuit
    • Analog and Digital Circuit Design
    • Digital Signal Processing
  • Akinori Zukeran

    Akinori Zukeran Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Electrostatic Precipitations and Applications of Electrostatics and Discharges
    [Research Themes]
    • Removal efficiency for nano-particles and PAHs emitted from diesel engine in an electrostatic precipitator
    • Prevention of back corona discharge in an electrostatic precipitator
    • Inactivation of microorganisms in seawater using pulsed electric field
    • Inactivation of microorganisms in the air using an electrostatic precipitator operated under low ozone concentration
    • Alkalizing seawater in an electrolysis using Mg-air electrode
  • Hideya Takeo

    Hideya Takeo Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Pursuit of next generation artificial intelligence-based image information system
    [Research Themes]
    • Research on automatic extraction from medical images of lesion candidates
    • Research on computer aided diagnosis systems
    • Research on noise restoration processing for motion pictures
    • Research on high quality enhancement of photographic images
  • Katsumi Nakatsuhara

    Katsumi Nakatsuhara Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Integrated photonic devices in communication networks
    [Research Themes]
    • Optical waveguide device
    • Silicon photonics device
    • Waveguide nonreciprocal device
    • Diffractive optical element
  • Koichi Naruhara

    Koichi Naruhara Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Generation of electrical signals in millimeter-wave frequencies
    • Characterization of nonlinear waves developed in traveling-wave devices
    [Research Themes]
    • Traveling-wave FETs for shrot-pulse generation
    • Strongly coupled oscillator systems for precise phase control
    • Dissipative solitons in electronic traveling-wave devices
    • Bifurcational structure of spatially extended oscillation in RTD network
    • Full-wave analysis of nonlinear and active electrical circuits
  • Yusuke Takatori

    Yusuke Takatori Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems
    [Research Themes]
    • Microscopic Traffic / Communication simulation for ITS
    • Distance measurement using a stereo camera
    • Pedestrian navigation system
    • Image processing for ITS
  • Hiroshi Takahashi

    Hiroshi Takahashi Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Visual Psychology and Visual Physiology
    [Research Themes]
    • Study on the effect of chromatic color lighting
    • Functional visual field in using portable devices
    • Differences in subjective evaluation of interior lighting between different ethnic groups
    • Study on discomfort glare caused by point array light sources