Faculty of Health and Medical SciencesDepartment of Clinical Engineering

Faculty Members

  • Shinichi Kawaguchi

    Shinichi Kawaguchi Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Energy savings on power supply of ICT Systems
    • Performance improvement of digitally controlled power supply for processors
    [Research Themes]
    • Power consumption profile analysis of processing units such as CPU, GPU, etc.
    • Prediction of power consumption of processors using performance counters
    • Adaptive power efficiency control based on the workload information in processors
    • Transient response improvement of digitally controlled computer power supply by adaptive power controls
    • Application of the adaptive power efficiency controls for small scale information devices
  • Satoshi Suzuki

    Satoshi Suzuki Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Our research lab has been pursuing on the concept of integrating ergonomics and human factors into clinical settings
    [Research Themes]
    • Evaluation of medical device interface by gaze analysis
    • Research on behavior analysis and skill evaluation of medical staff
    • Research on medical organization culture and medical professional management
    • Development of a new artificial kidney system
  • Shinji Hukasawa

    Shinji Hukasawa Professor

  • Masataka Majima

    Masataka Majima Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Pharmacology
    • Vascular Biology
    • Bioactive lipids and peptides
    [Research Themes]
    • Study on bioactive lipids and peptides in angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis
    • Regulation of tumor metastasis by bioactive lipids and peptides
    • Roles of bioactive lipids and peptides in the repair process from organ dysfunctions
    • Development of therapeutic approaches against lymphedema
    • Roles of bioactive lipids and peptides in lipid absorptionand metabolism
  • Yasuhiro Matsuda

    Yasuhiro Matsuda Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Assistive Technology for Deaf and/or Blind persons and Measurement Engineering
    [Research Themes]
    • Development of Communication Support Systems
    • Development of Finger Braille Teaching and Recognition Systems
    • Study on Emotional Communication using Tactual Communication
  • Toshihiko Yamaka

    Toshihiko Yamaka Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Safety operation of blood purification system
    [Research Themes]
    • Study on standardization of hemodialysis equipment
    • Study on safety and standardization of blood circuit for hemodialysis
    • Study of the disaster assistance for hemodialysis therapy
  • Shinichi Watanabe

    Shinichi Watanabe Professor

    [Key Words]
    • Cardio-Pulmonary Functional Reserve / Heart Rate Response / Oxygen Uptake
    • Taping / Range of Motion / Physical Fitness
    • Anti-Doping / Attitude Survey / Junior Athletes
    • Rating of Perceived Exertion / Heart Rate
    • Body Composition / Bone Mineral Density
    [Research Themes]
    • Inclination of Exponential Curve-Fitting Model for Oxygen Uptake and Heart Rate
    • The Effects of Skill Differences in Taping
    • Survey concerning Anti-Doping
    • A Linear relationship between Heart Rate and Rating of Perceived Exertion
    • The Assessment of Body Composition
  • Yasuaki Ohtaki

    Yasuaki Ohtaki Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Human Body Dynamics and Biomedical Instruments
    [Research Themes]
    • Gait and Posture
    • Musculoskeletal Modeling
    • Portable Instruments for Clinical Medicine
    • Sensor and Bioelectrical Signal Processing
  • Noriaki Sakai

    Noriaki Sakai Associate professor

    [Key Words]
    • Cardiopulmonary bypass
    • Medical safety
    [Research Themes]
    • Development of a medical safety support system for cardiopulmonary bypass operations.
    • Research on the effects of extracorporeal circulation on blood.
    • Data analysis on cardiopulmonary bypass.
  • Hironobu Nishimura

    Hironobu Nishimura Assistant professor

    [Key Words]
    • Cardiovascular physiology
    • Baroreceptor reflex
    • Health science
    [Research Themes]
    • Changes in cardiovascular parameters and regulation due to postural transition
    • Study on blood pressure regulation under stress situations
    • Study on body fluid shift and non-invasive vascular function test
  • Michihiro Kawasaki

    Michihiro Kawasaki Assistant professor